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11 thoughts on “EPICC – COVID-19”

  1. Thank you! This was a very good explanation of CO-VID 19 and course on the care of CO-VID 19 patients.

      1. allan.lai@epicclearning.ca

        Hey Jodi,

        The total amount of time to read the course from beginning to end is currently being calculated using a validated online learning workload calculator. This is a work in progress as we are currently striving for accreditation. Stay tuned for more details!

        While this program can be read or done like a traditional course, it is also meant to be read as a blog – you read what you want to read, when you want, how you want. Hope that helps.

  2. good over view of covid 19 and good information on basics of care and practice ideas

  3. What is the average time to complete the course? Thank you in advance, I need the hours for my employer.

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