Diagnostics and Procedures

Pearls for Diagnostics and Procedures

1. Follow your local guidelines and policies.
2. Ask for help if needed.
3. Testing should not come before resuscitation.


Airway and Endotracheal Tubes

Suctioning an Endotracheal Tube

Mechanical Ventilators, NIPPV, High-Flow Nasal Cannula

Invasive Hemodynamics

Arteral Line Setup

Vascular Access

Central Venous Catheter Access

This video is for pediatrics; however, it is a similar process for adults.

Peripheral IV Insertion

Diagnostic Swabs & Blood Draws

Nasophrayngeal Swab

Follow your local PPE guidelines!

Peripheral Blood Draw for Blood Work

Gastric Tube Insertion

Nasogastric Tube Insertion

In Critical Care, the standard is to confirm placement of any gastric tube with an abdominal x-ray.
This patient is awake; however, the same procedure applies for an intubated patient.

Orogastric Tube Insertion

It is more common to see nurses insert the orogastric tube without the aid of the second ETT in this video; however, the failure rate is fairly high without the second ETT. We recommend this technique from ALiEM but as always, please follow your local guidelines.

Managing Multiple Infusions