Mechanical Ventilation

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Pearls for Mechanical Ventilation

1. Call for help if you’re unsure.
2. Assess the patient first before the ventilator.
3. Troubleshoot problems using the EPICC Assessment framework.

A Quick Word…

When we think of critical care, we think of ventilators but we would just like to remind you that critical care is a constellation of advanced therapeutics that is only as good as the team that surrounds it.

A huge pitfall for nurses in critical care is fixation error on the ventilator. The biggest pearl we want to emphasize is the importance of assessing the patient FIRST – not the ventilator! Troubleshoot problems using the EPICC assessment framework.

Ventilator Modes and Alarms



Vent Mode Cheat Sheet Download



Vent Alarm Cheat Sheet Download


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