What is the EPICC-COVID19 Project?

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What is the EPICC-COVID19 Project and Why is it Happening?

COVID-19 is an international virus causing devastating global consequences requiring international solutions from an international community. As a result, many nurses are caring for patients outside of their knowledge and experience level.

One solution to the COVID-19 pandemic is a just-in-time, free, open access, nursing course designed to prepare nurses with the fundamentals of COVID-19 acute care. This course will be written and peer-reviewed by authors from across the globe.

Our colleagues in China, Italy, Iran and Spain have taught us that foundational critical care nursing skills (Eg. Appropriate PPE for COVID-19, high flow oxygen, arterial lines, etc.) will be in high demand when caring for patients with COVID-19 outside of intensive care units. This program is an effort to bridge this gap.

We anticipate nurses from a variety of backgrounds will be recruited to care for patients with COVID-19 with help from a trained/certified critical care nurse. We define critical care nurses as any nurse who has acquired skills in resuscitation or high acuity and/or have practiced in an emergency department, intensive care unit, or in areas where critical care skills are needed (Eg. Transport).

Conflict of Interest

There is no financial remuneration or gain. This project is not-for-profit.

Intended Learning Audience

The intended audience is any nurse who may be allocated to care for patients with COVID-19 requiring foundational critical care nursing skills.

Intended Learning Outcome

Upon completion of this program, the learner will have reviewed concepts specific to the care of a patient with COVID-19. These concepts include foundational critical care skills and patient assessment. The learner will be able to implement these skills and assessments under the guidance and support of a trained/certified critical care nurse.


  • Content writers will have critical care/emergency experience. They will have an opportunity to create critical care content for a topic of their choosing. They will have the creative space to design content that best meets the intended learning outcomes. For example: Link to YouTube videos, podcasts, original content, create infographics, record videos, or any other creative evidence based method of educating. Curriculum will be based on current and best available evidence. Peer-reviewers will scan submitted curriculum, provide potential changes, and approve for publication.
  • Research appraisers will scan submitted references and work to ensure peer-reviewed quality.
  • The project managers are Rob Paquin and Allan Lai. Their role is to ensure quality and the vision of this project is met.


This is a living resource and will be updated as new evidence or protocols come into place. As content is written, edited, and peer-reviewed for accuracy, content will be uploaded to this site.

What is EPICC?

EPICC’s mission is to provide quality, evidence-based learning opportunities for emergency practitioners regardless of language, geographical location or finances with the purpose of advancing emergency care by creating situations for emergency practitioners to challenge themselves and develop life-long learning practices. EPICC is a program founded in Canada and all of its programs are available in English and French. We are proud that the EPICC Program is reviewed and externally accredited by the Université de Sherbrooke, Centre des Formations Continue (Centre for Continuing Studies).

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